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The last time I sat in a normal desk, I broke the arm off of it

I had always been a little bit out there in my life. Never really been attached to a specific friend group, not popular, not a band geek, but also not in the fat group.

That all changed in my sophomore year of high school. I was not necessarily the smallest person in the first place, but I ran cross country from 7th grade to my freshman year. I quit after my freshman year because I fell while I was running one day and broke my lower leg and dislocated my ankle. I did this at the end of my freshman year, and over the summer leading to my sophomore year, I changed a lot.

I was 5 foot 6 when I got injured and weighed in at about 160 pounds. over the one summer, 2.5 months, I gained 60 pounds. I felt huge. my gut touched desks when I sat, my butt did not fit on a chair, my thighs struggled to fit in the space between the seat and the desk too. I was a fat girl. that summer changed everything for me. I ate ferociously, always getting second and third helpings at home meals, and when I went to fast food places, always ordering an amount for 2 or more people.

When I came to school, I was scrutinized. I was called a whale, red lines (due to all of my stretch marks all over my belly, thighs and arms), and was also asked if I was pregnant. I felt terrible about myself and this just made my habits become even worse.

I continued to eat in greater and greater amounts. Continuing to get larger and larger. Now, I am at the beginning of my senior year, 2.5 years after I began gaining, and I have ballooned. I have gained all the way up to 370 pounds, I am not in any normal classes and I have a special desk in each room as well.

The last time I sat in a normal desk, I broke the arm off of it. I cant even get close to a run let alone walking is hard now too. I have actually come to love the size of my body and I have a boyfriend who likes it as well, and I think ill turn out just fine this way, maybe even add some more poundage.

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