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Family Woes

I’m three years older than my brother, and have a sister a year younger than me. Now, it might seem weird to you, but my brother CONSTANTLY abuses my sister and I, calling us names and beating us to the point where it hurts to stand.

We don’t fight back because our parents would yell at us, and then our brother would only hurt us more. However, it’s not just my sister and I at risk.

Our younger brother demands we do things for him, and if we say no, he hurts us, and then he threatens to hurt the pets. Our pets, a dog and a parakeet, are pretty tough little things, but a likely mentally-ill human against a confused animal isn’t a fair fight.

An example is this: my sister wanted to download Discord to talk to her friends. My brother thinks that Discord is some highly illegal website, and blackmails her and threatens her until she gives him money. He’s stolen about around fifty US dollars from her.

But that’s only where it starts. So my dad and my sister pretty close, but my father is usually away at work. One day when he was around, he was planning to take my sister on a daddy-daughter date or whatever it’s called. Our brother had gone to breakfast with our dad the day prior. He demands to be taken on my sister’s day with our dad, and our brother, being the favourite child, is taken along. My sister was upset that he insisted on tagging along, and she barely spoke at all.

One day my brother, my sister, my mother, and I were at the beach. We were heading back because it was getting slightly stormy. My mom had to grab her chair and the heavy bag, and she told my sister and I that we could go ahead. Our brother said he was following us, but halfway back he decided to stay and wait for our mom. My sister and I were almost at the boat (we were on vacation at the time) when our mother came up to us, confused and frustrated. She demanded to know where our brother was, when we had never been told to watch him and he was with our mother. She throws her stuff into our arms and runs back the path, trying to find our brother, who had taken a wrong turn and was waiting at the corner. My sister and I got in trouble because the indecisive worm of a brother decided to take a wrong turn and put on his innocent mask. I was furious and ran back to the boat. She told me she was sorry, but sorry doesn’t heal wounds, physical OR emotional. I told her I didn’t want to talk to her and sent her a text describing how I ACTUALLY felt.

We made up the next day.

But about a year prior to that, our brother said that he had found eighty-seven dollars under his bed. My sister and I got in trouble for that, because he had apparently taken it from our mother’s wallet, and then tried to blame US by saying it was “our idea”. Like, what the duck, I hadn’t even SEEN the wallet it was taken from, and neither had my sister.

Our brother gets more violent and emotionally unstable every day. I don’t know what to do and I’ve searched the ends of the inter net (dang filters won’t let me use a word) looking for something to do. This is one of the last things I’ve tried, and if anybody sees this, it would be greatly appreciated if you left ANY advice.

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