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My mom’s tits

I always loved my mom’s tits. They’re not huge smaller than grapefruits, but they are so round and firm. She has perfectly round areolas the size of silver dollars.

Her nipples are just thicker than pencil erasers and about a half inch long. They were almost always hard and she always gave me plenty of opportunities to see them.

Around 15 I started jacked off thinking of her at about my mother. Her thin body, great ass, her trimmed pubic triangle all turned me on. Living at home going to community college, my mom and I became friends with benefits.

Last night my mom was in a short nightgown, and that’s all. She was in front of her big dresser mirror brushing her long brown hair. I was horny like always and came up behind her in the nude. My erection pointing upward, I pushed my mom forward enough for her to put her hands on the top of the dresser. I moved behind her and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet slit.


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