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I’m positive my sister would be down for oral

I used to touch my older sister after she passed out from drugs.

My sister Tammy is 6yrs older than me and back around 2002-2004, (I was 27-29 and she was 33-35), we both did meth quit a bit.

She worked steadily, we wasn’t the ones you would see tweekin’ at wal mart at 3am. (not that there is anything wrong with that). Well, anybody that has done meth knows it makes you horny as fuck, girl or guy.

There were times I would be in her room and she wouldn’t be long out of the shower, still wrapped in a towel. She just dropped the towel enough that her tits would be showing as she was dressing.

The first time or two I acted embarrassed and turned my head away and she would say shit like, “their just tits, no big deal. Only thing was, she would NEVER do that before. Also, I KNOW I caught her looking at my cock one night when I was passing out on the couch and my shorts were loose as fuck.

I never had the nerve to try anything with her, wish now I had because I’m almost positive she woulda been down for it… oral if nothing else anyway.

I did get to suck her tit nipples, finger her pussy, things like that. But only when she out cold sleeping. I just wonder, could she have known or can tell later that they were fingered and such?

Also, any females that may answer this, think she woulda let me eat her out and fuck her back then? I still want too fuck her to this day, any advice on how to do that too? Thank you

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