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Sometimes I have this weird feeling when i wake up …

Sometimes I have this weird feeling when i wake up. My mind feels and thinks im awake and i can see,hear,breathe, and feel. The only thing i cant do is talk or move. It is scary to wake up and not be able to move, or talk because you cannot scream or tell the person sitting next 2 u to wake you up and you cant move.

I thought i was having weird sleeping pattern problems, but then today it happened again i suddenly thought, maybe i was dreaming that i couldn’t move. Maybe if I think about that situation as i am waking up, the dream plays out again and i feel trapped.

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  1. This is called sleep paralysis.

    When you sleep your brain paralyzes your body so you don’t act out your dreams. I guess when a person sleepwalks their brain malfunctioned and didn’t paralyze them.

    Anyway, it’s nothing to worry about. You just became aware of your surroundings before you fully woke up.

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