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I hate me and my body and my skin and hair I hate myself

I’m a worthless piece of shit and a fat pathetic person. Honestly I hate me and my body and my skin and hair I hate myself!!

People laugh at me for the way I look. I admit I am fat, but I’m only human you see I want to live a better life like others but all I ever think about is cuts and blades and all that shit social media has kept me crazy. I look for true friends here but none are to be found and then on Facebook and guess what every fucking one is a crap they leave you on your on when they meet new ones. I wanted a better life a better place but all I have is my dad getting drunken all day he beats my mom and he threatens me to hit me too I’m living in a terror. I need a love, a beautiful home were I can picture me and my mom happily but no that’s just a dream which will never come true. I’m 16, I need my space I hate everyone having problem with what I’m trying to be happy I hate everyone I wish I lived in hell than here it sucks it irritates me all the time whenever something bad happens to me I go on my roof and cry looking at the moon blaming to send me here all the time and reaping I want to die that’s my life.


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  1. Hi there. I get it. Life is rough all over. You may not have it the worst! People laugh at the brand shoes I wear, the clothes I wear, and my calves are super abnormally thicc! I can’t totally relate. BUT try this. Call “Oh Lord Jesus”. It might not help at the moment, but if u invite Him into your life, he helps you gradually.

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