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Growing up in the rough streets of Brooklyn

Growing up in the rough streets of Brooklyn, New York was a tough task. Living through poverty and being the only male in the house because my brother was incarcerated. I was living with 3 other women which was my grandma, sister, and my mother. I had the living conditions that weren’t always great, but my mom held the household down.
Both of my parents weren’t together, so I would go visit my dad whenever my mom would let me and I know it was hard on him as well because I could always see it in his eyes how bad he wanted me to be around him. Life got harder for me because in June of 2005 my dad passed away and it really caused a lot of stress on my mom.
Later that year December 12th things even took a worst turn as me and my mom was robbed at gun point in our apartment. She was set up by her best friend which really caused even more stress on her. She ended up passing away on December 27th 5 days after my birthday I was beyond heart broken and did not know what to do because she was the closest person I ever had.
I didn’t know what to do, which way to turn, nothing at all. My sister ended up taking full custody of me and we ended up moving to South Carolina. I thought it would be a new beginning, but it turned out to be one of the worst things to happen to me. 7 months into living in South Carolina my sister left me in a house with no electricity or water. I thought everything would be good, but I was wrong, and I had no choice but to deal with it.
One day I met this basketball coach and I explained to him about my situation he was devastated and took me in with open arms. I joined his basketball team which really saved my life and I finished high school, after that I was fortunate enough to go to a junior college where I got offered a full ride scholarship to play at a university and now I have my degree in business and doing the best I can to keep myself motivated through everything I went through.
I just want kids to know never give up no matter what you go through in life do not fall down the wrong path because I was very close to do so. Keep God on your side and pray every day. If you read this entire story thank you! Pass it on to others who need the motivation. God bless!

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