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Why are women so…..

I don’t understand it all Sebastian.
S: Understand what?
Why are women so…. submissive? I can’t look someone in the eyes…
If I’m looking down on someone.
“I need a man who I can look up to”
But I don’t need a woman who I have to look down upon.
It’s like I’m looking at an object.
Am I the hunter in the big game hunt?
I said it to my friend that I don’t get why women don’t hit on men.
All these years I spent money on looking good and clothes and work.
Just to see that it wasn’t just a coincidence that Ron Jeremy as a pornstar
is fat as hell or older guys in general are unlike women of the same age.
It doesn’t matter cause I’m the one who fucks and you’re the one being fucked.
Weren’t we equal GOD DAMN IT?
Well then she said well yeah it’s good that some women hit on men today.
SOME WOMEN? AND TODAY? What’s that supposed to mean?
Is it that you objectify yourself voluntarily and then expect that
people won’t do it. It’s like saying you’re the one being hunted
in the hunt and then complain about it.

And I thought she was a hardcore feminist.
Equality, blah.
And my ass.

Tell me how many have groped my mom?
How many have thought of putting their … in her mouth???
S: Well she’s old now it’s fine.
This is elementary school all over again.
Dress like this and you won’t be bullied.
What the hell is wrong with you people.
It’s like you can make 3 conclusions that’s it.
Not 7, but just 3.

I guess I’m just too intelligent for this planet.
I wish I could be as dumb as everyone else.
Hurr durr you’re a man so act like it.
What’s does a man even mean god damn it?

Still all of the women expect themselves to be this price of this hunt.
Why do you need to have a hunt, why can’t we be equal like all of my
life people have told me? God damn it.
Everything people told me was just a big fat lie was it?
We’re so equal, yet we’re not, were far from it.
Like it’s a coincidence all of the customer service jobs are occupied women.
Cause it’s so nice to look at women behind counter while you have massive boner.
Women are like this stupid expansion in the game of men.
That’s why they wait for the …. to come for them.

Yet the waiting causes them to wait in the first place.
They cause their own suffering and still
claim to be feminists.
What kind of world is it a world where only the other gender hits on.
And the other just lays back and waits to be treated and yet at same
time do not gain anything because they expect to be treated.

It’s like we’re breeding these thinking meat bags.
No wonder equality has been a thing just for the last 100 years.
Think about it, 100 years isn’t a long time barely a life time.
Before it women were just meat bags to be shagged with and didn’t have any rights.
And they still don’t in some parts of the world.
That’s why they player hypergamy, they aim to be this expansion in
the most successful candidate.

And all this time I thought we were equal.
All this time I spent time to look good and to be nice and fair.
In a world where there is only a hunter and the one to be hunted.

This world is so undeveloped.
I still can’t look someone in the eyes who expects someone who
“they can look up to”, so I can look “down on them” like a slave.
Like a sex object or a sex slave, an expansion.
Waiter, waitress, mister, mistress, always the addition.
Always the exception, the expansion pack from men.

That’s why people belittle sexual harassment.
All these years I’ve been thinking why do you do that.
Then they call me weird if I get mad about it. She can manage.
We don’t have a word for jealous in my language.
Being jealous is being jealous for a car or a bike, you want it too.
But you can’t be jealous for a girl, cause that’s a whole different story.
So you’re “black-socked” or “socked” to be short.
So I guess I get socked easily.
It’s like it’s OK cause I’m the one who is being hunted.
I’m the thing and the object being fucked at.
It’s okay to grab, cause I’m the object.
No it’s not.

And I can’t speak to an object in world full of idiots.
I want to speak to a human being who I can watch in the eyes as I speak to them.

They’re in a golden cage, created by themselves.
If they flirt on men they’re afraid on being called a whore.
That’s why all prostitutes are always in general women.
Always thought of that too when I was a teen.
So they need to keep their legs shut and “wait for the alpha” who can “sustain” them.
The more they play by the rules the more the rules cage them.

But still I can’t watch someone in the eyes who I have to look down on.
I want someone who I can look in the eyes on the same level as another being.
How could I not? How could I be with someone who lets someone else grab their butt and then be just fine with it.
Not a price, not hunt, a dance, but a dance where I don’t have to lead the lady and dance where both of us dance.

Is it too much to ask to live in world where you fall in love with another person? Is it too much to ask to live in world where you don’t have to think about who’s going to send your friend a harassing message on Facebook once in a while?
Is it too much to ask to live in world where you don’t have to hear catcalling or have to think about who’s catcalling your mother, your sister, or your best friends?
Is it too much to ask to live in world where you can just talk to a girl like you were their best friend without others expecting something?

Is it too much to ask to not to be called a wussy where you love just being in love and not to be called as a wussy?

People told me all these years we’re equal.
But today I can see all those things people said we’re just lies or perhaps ideal hopes of a utopia, which isn’t real.

It’s a men’s world but as a man who’s ready to give up his privileges and just throw them away.
I don’t need them to survive, actually they’re more in the way than helping me.

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