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Be Blessed!!!!

Hello Everyone!

I proclaim God’s Blessings and Miracles to be poured out upon every area of your life like never ending oceans without end so much that you will not have enough room to receive it in the Name of Jesus Amen!!!!
There is Power in the Name of Jesus to break every chain and to cast demons and to heal any disease and to remove any problem that is rising above you and to restore any broken heart and to set any person free from any problem!!!!

I have seen blind receive sight, death receive hearing, those who can’t walk, began to run and jump better than while they were small children, and dead rise from dead even if they have been dead for several days.

My friend and brother in Christ has been raised from dead after been dead for several days, you know why:
Faith makes all things possible!!!!!

Jesus is my Deliverer and one day Jesus will Deliver me from all of my problems for Jesus is for me and not against me!!!
Jesus never failed be even once!!!!

When Jesus came into my room long time ago when I was broken and empty and lost, I have been changed forever into a New Creation through Christ Jesus!!!! Amen!!!!

Jesus saved my life 45 times from death, that doesn’t include at least 50 attempts of suicide!!! I am not ashamed to declare to the whole world and into every demon that Jesus is Truly my Faithful Lord and Savior and King of my heart and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!!!!

I know that the Special Day is coming when Jesus will take me Home when my time on this earth will be over, but as long as I live, I will live every day is like today is my lost day because i don’t exactly know when my heart will stop inside my chest, but I know that no one can Love me more than Jesus for Jesus never gave up on me no matter how many times I have failed and no matter what sins I have committed!!!!

Jesus came 2000 years ago and rescued me from Satan by taking sufferings, and pain with tears and Jesus went all the way unto the Cross at the Calvary and Jesus laid His own life for me by taking all of my sins and disease upon the Cross by giving His Holy Blood of me knowing that I may not Love Him the same!!!
Jesus did not remain dead in the Tomb, but Jesus has Risen from the dead on the 3rd day and ascended unto Heaven and now is sitting on the right hand of His Father.
And when Heavenly Father looks at me through His only Son Jesus, He sees me spotless for Jesus made me whiter than snow through His Holy Blood that Jesus shed for all of my sins that I have done by disobeying God!!!!

When Jesus was hanging on that Cross at the Calvary while being without sin, Jesus took all of my penalty upon Himself freely and willfully for He knew even before I was born that I would not be able to do what Jesus has done for me!!!!
Jesus is Truly my Hero so no matter how many times I fall down, I will always remain Victorious through the Sacrifice and Victory of Jesus Christ Who defeated Satan forever by breaking every chain in my life that was holding me down!!!!

Jesus forgave me while hanging on that Cross by telling Heavenly Father: Father forgive Andrei for he doesn’t what he have done!!!!

Finally: while hanging on the Cross Jesus said: It is finished, meaning: The Battle against Satan has been Won forever Praise God for giving His only Son Jesus to set me free from everything that was holding me down for years!!!!

Jesus paid it all for me by giving me Salvation and Eternal Life which I have never thought I would Truly deserve, but by the Mercy and Grace of Jesus Christ I have been Truly set free and now I am a New Creation through Christ Jesus Amen!!!!

Jesus means Everything to me and no matter what happens with me in this life, I know for sure that I am going where I belong, New Jerusalem in Heaven!!!!

Everything that I have been looking for, I Truly found in Christ Jesus!!!!!

Only Jesus was able to heal my broken heart and broken life!!!!
Only Jesus was able to fill the empty place in my heart!!!!
I can Truly say that I am fully satisfied for everything that I needed I found in Christ Jesus who told me:

Don’t be afraid. I am holding you by your right hand. I have Loved you with Everlasting Love!!!!!

When I tried this world: it made me broken and empty.
When I tried Jesus: I have been made Complete, Healed and Filled with Unconditional Love, Compassion and with many other Blessings that I Truly needed for which I have been looking for and seeking for years!!!!

Thank you for reading my Story!

Be Blessed!!!!

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