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Because god blessed me with a 2nd chance at life

Nov 24th, 2017, I got into a very bad car accident, that gave me brain injury and left me into a coma for at least 2 days. My car was flipped over and everyone around me thought I died. I’m telling everyone this story because I believe everyone should keep their faith in the lord. Because god blessed me with a 2nd chance at life.

They said I wouldn’t remember my family they also said there wasn’t a lot I was going to remember but I remember almost everything!! I woke up with no pain in my body or anything. I had no broken bones from the car accident, so I wasn’t paralysed or anything!! I believe the lord sent an angle to wrap their wings around me in that car accident.

I praise and thank the lord for what he did for me, so I pray faithfully now to thank him for what he has done for me. I also had love around me always my mother and my boyfriend ALWAYS stood there by my side they watched me and made sure I was safe and had the best care in the hospital. They prayed and also kept their faith in the Lord I’m glad they did! I also thank them for everything they did as well there is no way I can repay them.

Ladies this is advice for you don’t go out looking for love, always have high standards! I have been with my boyfriend since I was 13 years old I am now 18. He’s gave me everything I wanted and never cheated on me ever he was sent to me by the lord himself. He travelled from work to my hospital bed everyday he also bathed me brushed my teeth and travelled from TN to GA when I moved from the hospital in Memphis to Atlanta.

He drove to stay with me through therapy and also to make sure I was ok every second of the day. He helped me improve always and he still does. He has done a lot for me and I’m very thankful for him I love him deeply. My mom she kept praying to god for me she took notes and she held my hand through this obstacle in life she was always there when I needed her I love her deeply and thank god for her! Keep your faith everyone god is real. Don’t ever doubt him.

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