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I have decided to leave my boyfriend

I have decided to leave my boyfriend because he is scolding me too much, never respect women, short temper and many more.

I love him but cannot stay with him anymore. I wanted to marry him whenever he would get a job. I did not want to be a burden on him that’s why thinking to marry after he is getting job.

But his aggressive nature makes me so disturbed mentally. Sometimes I feel to not get marry ever. My parent selects a man for me. I never ever make my parent proud. They face insult because of me. So today I have decided to get marry. How I feel right now, I could not discuss with anybody.

I feel regret and sad for my boyfriend. I was planning for suicide but later rejected because such activities will create problem for my parent and boyfriend which I do not want. I feel really upset and depressed. I could not share my pain, so I write here. I love my boyfriend and parent. I am going to marry after ending my all feelings.

This is my last feeling which I write here. After this, I will live like a dead body. I will never talk to my parent who never try to understand my feelings. In my life, there will be no love, no emotion, no tears, nothing. I do not know how I survive…but this is my sacrifice. I Love You “A”. Please forgive me.

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