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Moving to another country was not an easy task

Moving to another country was not an easy task, leaving my family behind and love of my life behind, coming to a foreign country was one of the hardest decision which I ever made of my life and it’s kind of life changing. I was in live in relationship for one year and it’s been very difficult for both of us to be in long distance relationship as we were not in habit of staying away from each other.

Now, it’s so hard live without my partner, I miss my beloved and the way we used to stay together and love each other cook for each other and used to go on long drive at night and listen to our favourite songs. I miss that beautiful silence between us it was so sound and beautiful. Here there is a silence but that silence push me to dark and deep side of my life, always making me sad and cry, whatever I try but it’s hard to get myself out from that dark side.

Always try to motivate myself by keeping myself and away from sad songs or couples, any of that things which will remind me of my partner. Problem is whenever I try to face this problem it just drowns me more and more into tr problem and so I try to avoid it so that I can be normal and does not overthink my problem and make myself more stressful. Right now, I am in college studying and trying to set up my career and settle down.

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