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You going to be the “bad guy” and walk away?

For better or for worse! what does it mean?

Does it mean that simply one HAS to stick to someone they have promised this to? Does it mean that this promise remains valid until the end of the promise’s life or the promisors for what it’s worth? OR does it mean that such promise is valid until the love between the ones who made such promise drains?

For better or for worse, is not only something you say to your significant other on your wedding day. this can be said and promised for a friend a family member or anyone you deeply care for. But what if this person you actually thought you will never stop loving or be with, is not there anymore? What if they stop giving you what you need, and you no longer can provide them with the love they deserve?

Will you still be there, trying to stick it all together even when the glue is EXPIRED? When there is no more love for the way you feel around them, will this promise still stand? … I mean, could we tolerate such promise that we gave in our happiest times, when we felt that the sky is the limit and life could not be happy unless the people we promised this to are around?

Or you going to be the “bad guy” and walk away? Or Maybe face them and tell them that this is not the worse that I have promised I will stay through?

Life does not look or feel appealing anymore and what you thought the ultimate friendship, love or trust had faded away with time or because of time.

Maybe we forget that what people mean when they give such promises is actually “we will be there for better and for worse as long as we still love you or care for you but once love is gone this promise is no longer valid.”

Because here is the truth, no promise can be honoured if it is being carried out because the promisor feels obligated. If someone going to be “a woman of her\his word” (I mean why not, it is 2018 I can say that without you reading and wondering the fuck is this supposed to mean, besides I am sure that you have done so many reading that you think “a man of his word” is cliché now. or maybe we should use a mutual phrase that pleases both parties BECAUSE REMEMBER IT IS AAAAALL ABOUT EQUALITY. P.S I was rolling my eyes when I wrote the last sentence. Anyways maybe next time I will use human of their words! Because by then you will be able to understand my point. Not that you’re stupid to get it without me explaining but just saying if you are a man maybe saying it for the second time will give more effect because probably you were not listening in the first place or in this case reading with attention. oops!) then it is great, but don’t we rather being with people actually want to be with us and want to stay during “the worse”.

Nothing personal. Sometimes people have to leave just like Nannies do, some even don’t leave because love is no longer an option but because they love us (I know I know, what a lame excuse people give. but think about it even our most selfish actions can still contain a glimpse of love even when people regret their leaving. they would say I’ve always loved you, I wanted what is best for you.

Now I don’t know what this is all about, but I’ve always promised myself that I will write FOR BETTER AND FOR WORSE.

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