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I say “Thank You” to my parents

I am thinking that how many times, in a single day, I say “Thank You” to my parents for giving me comforts of life, to siblings for sharing my chores, to a friend for doing my assignment, to a teacher for appreciating my homework, to a shopkeeper for packing my snacks, to a bus driver for dropping me home and even to a stranger who only passes my way, for lifting me a pen from ground.

Isn’t here someone missing? Someone long forgotten? Someone who is worthy of all but hasn’t been taken care of? Someone who is always quiet but always watching? Someone who seeks no appreciation but when done, gets more live?

Today, I take a special moment to say out loudly “Thank You to Myself”; for giving a body to my lingering soul, for motivating me each day to get up, for reminding me each day what my goals are, for giving me a wakeup call when I go awry, for not laughing when I say a bizarre thing, for watching me wherever I go, for being with me when I am all alone, for being my best friend and for being my secret sharer.

I stand I mirror and say, ” Thank You”. The best part is, it doesn’t say welcome but says “Thank You” in return.


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