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I don’t stress over her but she stays on my mind

Ever felt like you like someone but it’s not love?

Like you crave that they get back to you because they are going through something but it’s not your fault? Yup, that’s my feeling.

I wishing me and this woman can date like we use to. Right now I want to be supportive of her and whatever she’s feeling but know we are on mutual ground.

Sometimes I wonder if she likes me still but through social media she drops hints. We phoned a couple of times ever since this spell that came over her and i’m giving her space. Then I question if I’m overreacting or I’m desperate for companionship. I’ve been single for a long time and always gave husband qualities to women I dated in the past and got let down.

Currently, I don’t stress over her but she stays on my mind and I don’t feel like flirting with other women. Just her.

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