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I recorded my singing on a phone and it sounded TERRIBLE

My parents destroyed my self-esteem

They compared me to my sisters firstly. I was always considered the “talentless one”. When I was 6 I told my mom that I wanted to be a singer when I grow up and sang a song to her, then out of nowhere my ten year old “talented” sister came out of nowhere and began singing and she said, “who’s do you like better mom?” and of course, she said my sister.

Okay look, whenever my two nieces that I absolutely hate comes and tells me “who’s is better” I wouldn’t even pick one I’m not that dumb to hurt someones feelings so of course I’d say both. Then my sister said “her singing isn’t even good” and when jumping back to whatever job she was doing. So I still sang to myself and like I used to think I sound good but one day I recorded my singing on a phone and it sounded TERRIBLE then I stopped singing to songs.

A few years later when I was 9 my school was hosting a 3 day competition of singing, poetry and stories, I really wanted to participate in all of them, even though I knew I wasn’t good enough, I still liked participating because it’s fun. I won 1 of them, it shocked me, guess which one…………….. the singing one.

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