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Me and my sister would have some fun

So I have to get this off my chest so the best way is to say it on this website it all started around when I was a freshman in high school and I had a little sister that was 11 at the time started to act weird around me and flirt with me so I kinda ignored it at first but then she got more and more annoying everyday.

She would beg for me to hang out with her and go swimming with her so I would and she would grab my trunks and try to rip them off and she did not stop there we ended up making out and she sucked my dick in the pool.

I liked it a lot me and her would mess around a lot and even try having sex but that wasn’t until a year later that would we try and have sex but my dick was too big.

I could not fit so we just did other stuff she gave me head and we made out and took showers together and as we got closer we had to cut things off because we almost got caught so since then I still think about her and how good she made me feel.

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