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Hi myself Ipshita Ghoshal m frm varanasi …

Hi myself Ipshita Ghoshal m frm varanasi dats in u.p. in india m 17 yr old babes..i want to share a short summary of mah mah life i hv to many up’n down’s as it happens in evrybodies lyf bt my story is i go..since frm my child hood to still life my father love me too much lik m his heart he lv me lyk a people lv god frm childhood whatevr i want my fathr gave me rit thr only bt in case of mu mothr she hates me alot coz m a girl n she want as usual boy evryday evry mint she scold me spoke all those hurtfull words she makes me evrh min cry she hit me vry badly she is too bad bt i lv her too much coz she gave me birth..nd alwahs pray fr her long life .m so bad n unlucky girl i liv alon alwys i hav evrythng xcpt love i alwys being alon always backstab by frnds lv evryone i quit too bt god dnt wnt me in gods home .i lv nature n animals i help evryone help beggers
.im kind in nature i want lv want sm 1 fr my care wnt frnds…i dnt make frnds coz they cheat m alone coz hvng fear of hurt agn ..i liv alone n hpy to i spend tym by sketching dancing singing n much more dis is mah summart story of mah life….i hope u will lik dis .

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