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I’m 17. My mother, my father…

I’m 17.
My mother, my father, my little brother and me live in a house that’s legally 25% ours.
My grandfather lives here too, because my father’s the youngest child, 50% of the house belongs to my grandfather, and probably because my mom is the only daughter/daughter-in-law who can actually stand him. He’s not that much of a bad person, but since he had a stroke and can’t move freely like he used to, he started to be annoying. When he was in the hospital, he was all good and he’d behave like a saint with the nurse, asking and telling her about going home, so they just pitied him, let him go home. Old people having strokes aren’t that rare, besides, my grandfather looked well cared for, we even had a helper at home, so he left the hospital after 2 weeks. But when he got home : he’d remove his pants, and stayed half naked to protest the diapers even though he needed it. He can’t walk, can’t even stand up with a walker, his hands and feet are uncoordinated, his eyesight is terrible, he had had a stroke a few weeks ago, and no one can be there all day to fucking pick him up princess style to the bathroom, wait, clean him up then put him to bed again every time he needs to pee. My uncles and aunts sometimes came by to see him, performing their monthly duty with their father. They made things worse by complaining about the state of my grandfather, saying “he’s too dirty, bath him” or “make him put some pants on”. In the end, my mom had enough, so we hired a second helper because the first one can’t fucking clean the mess my grandfather has made. The 2 helpers combine with ridiculous remedies that my grandfather found while listening to the radio made us spend an equally ridiculous amount of money. My mom and dad’s salaries are spent clean each month, and the savings from before kinda shrink little by little each year. The money, the stress on my parents make ME angry a lot and almost all the time. Why I’m the angry one ? Because I can’t fucking do anything, because I’m just a minor, and they’re all adults, that’s why.

I wrote this because half an hour ago, I had a tantrum at my mother for just accepting everything, and I fucking cried for 25 minutes out of anger and frustration. There’s also a fucking 30 years old unemployed leech of a cousin invading the house, the first helper fucking bullies my family into buying her stuffs even though she’s not completely aware of it, my annoying brother being selfish and bullies my parents to throw him a giant birthday party, and me being an asshole for not keeping my mouth shut just to spew out every bits of thoughts about how my parents should or shouldn’t do.

I’m just angry and frustrated, that’s all, because my mom’s too nice and too accepting, while my dad’s too naive and too fucking carefree to think about OUR FAMILY’S financial situation. Sometimes you’d think that he cares about his numerous friends more than he does his family.

Sometimes, I just wanna fucking kick the helpers out, my grandfather out, that fucking leech out of the house, but I can’t because this is not entirely ours. They all have treated my mom’s money like shit and never thankful that if my dad hasn’t married my mom, they probably would be starving or died off somewhere.

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