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It was 2013, My fiance at the time…

It was 2013, My fiance at the time, Sharie, went off to Chicago for 21 days. What did she bring me back as a gift? GENITAL HERPES………..thank god I never opened the package. A month later she was arrested by LAPD for felony domestic violence. You can look up her arrest record. She deserves to rot in hell for all the fake bullshit she has pulled. Be warned, Sharie in CA has genital herpes and is bipolar. She is a wannabe gold digger who is up to her neck in debt looking for a sugar daddy to pay her bills. If you want to date her, wear a condom and a paper bag, she kinda looks like a dude. Oh and when she gets horny, which is once every three months, she talks like Aunt Jumima……..If you have sex with her bareback I will buy you a 12 pack of beer.

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