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I Don’t know what im actually doing on …

I Don’t know what I’m actually doing on this site right now but anyways, here I go. So I’m just a girl who wants attention and love, thats all I ever wanted in this life. To be loved and cared for, but I haven’t gotten these things from anyone. “what about your friends you say?” I’ll say what friends? I have none. I finished high school 2 years ago, don’t contact my so called “bestfriend, I mean once I did but didn’t even get a reply, what friend, I started college and I seem to have bad luck in finding friends? I don’t go out, I cant, I just stay locked in my room and the weird thing is that’s where I find my peace and happiness, being alone isn’t suppose to make someone happy, but it makes me happy..sort of, I guess maybe its cause I’m so use to being alone and not having anyone to talk too. Its like I don’t even exist in this world, I talk to people online well because it seems that people like me more when they don’t know me in real life… but sometimes a person wants a physically friend one where you can call and hug when everything going down hill. My family is too busy worrying about my brother who is being addicted to drugs.. so I don’t even bother with anything anymore because whats the point when I know its not gonna’ matter.. I’ll be talking about how my day went and mum just ignore and talks about my brothers problem? I mean am I being selfish?? Sometimes I feel like being a good person isn’t worth it, the bad ones always get the love and attention.

– LonerGirl

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