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This is truly just a request for help

This is truly just a request for help for my best friend. And it doesnt require money or anything but a “like” and inviting others to do the same. On a September morning last year, my best friends 15-year-old son walked out the door and down his driveway to wait for his school bus. They live in a small town in Missouri where the buses pick up students from each house. Donnie had only been at the end of his driveway when a man who had been out drinking all night came racing around the curb in front of their house. The man lost control of his truck and hit my best friends son going approximately 76 miles per hour. Donnie was hit so hard he was knocked out of his shoes and thrown over 40 feet. He was killed instantly and my best friend heard and witnessed the whole thing. I cannot explain to you what she is going through because I have never experienced the loss of a child and I hope I never do. But he was her best friend…the light of her entire world. She is struggling to try to understand things but now has a different fight on her hands as well. The man who hit her son is now trying to get the court to switch cities for the court proceedings. He wants to be in a place where no one knows him or his actions. My best friend is fighting to keep the court local and to fight for the maximum sentence. Se needs supporters. Strangers. Friends. Anyone who is willing to do a few simple things. She has set up a page on Facebook. You can find this page by searching Nustice For Donnie from your Facebook page. All we are asking is for you to hit “Like” and to invite everyine on your frinds list to do the same. Even one like can help. From her heart and mine…we thank you

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