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I just want to share my experience about love

Hi everyone… I just want to share my experience about love… I am working abroad and I just had my 3 month vacation, I just returned from vacation 1 week ago…

So here is my story, I had sex with my friend who has a girlfriend. We were not drunk by the way.. well, we had a misunderstanding few days after my arrival.. so we didn’t talk much and we didnt see each other often, until 2 days before my departure he showed up in our friends swimming.. after that we talked at my house.. while we were talking he hugged me and kissed me in the lips.. I was shocked but didn’t resist, I felt something in me that I liked what he did to me.. I asked him why he kissed me and he said he likes me (he has a girlfriend right now), he said that he liked me even before.. and actually I feel the same way, I started to like him more than 2 years ago when we were drunk and he kissed me while I was lying in the bed, but I didn’t think about it because I was committed to his best friend that time.. I don’t want to cheat, but I felt something that night, after he kissed me I felt something towards him.. I realised that I was attracted to him.. but I didn’t entertain it.. I just forget what happened.. and when we me again on my vacation… 2 days before my departure something happened that we both didn’t expect, yes we had sex… we were not drunk so we knew what we were doing…
My problem is I like him… it was like I started to like him again just like 2 years ago.. but he has a girlfriend¬†already. He told me he love me.. but I’m confused because he doesn’t want to leave his¬†current girlfriend.. and he told me that we can never be together because me and his best friend has a past. So I just told him to just let me to love him even though we can never be together..
He told me he love me but we can never be together.. that sucks… I’m now back abroad and we still txt each other sometimes… we still say I love you and I miss you to each other but we are not committed to each other… what shall I do?

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