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Last night I had a dream I found pleasant…

Last night I had a dream I found pleasant, but I’m the fuckin worst. I have a boyfriend and all but I dreamed of going on a date with a person I used to like. And the person I used to like also has a girlfriend but in my dream they broke up. We were hanging out together at the mall and I’m not sure but I think I ran away and bumped into him. We were having a normal conversation and walking around the mall. Then our hands bumped into each other and we looked at each other in surprise and he smiled and grabbed my hand and started walking. I then saw my PE teacher who knew I was dating someone else and he looked at me in disgust and asked “aren’t you dating *****?” I freaked out and then the guy I used to like (let’s call him bear) said yea and started to walk again. After a while I yanked my hand back and started panicking and bear said “it’s ok I said yea” I didn’t know what he meant by that and we started walking together again but without holding hands. We still had our normal conversations but I was blushing. He then had to leave and then I woke up. I just can’t believe I liked that dream I’m like so pissed at myself and am trying to forget everything about bear but I can’t. He was my first true love so it’s hard to forget. It’s been like this for the past 4 years. I hate myself, my boyfriend doesn’t deserve someone like me. What should I do?

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