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Don’t hide your true feelings

Right now at this very moment someone is learning who they are. We all have this moment in our lives when we learn what we love. I had this moment when I was in seventh grade. I go to an all boys school in Manhattan NY where I have many really good friends. One day I walked in and across the room I saw a new kid, his name was Balor… and he stole my heart. I never really thought about if I was gay or if I was straight but when I saw Balor I knew was and what I wanted. Of course I was too scared to actually tell him that I liked, I was to scared to say who I was to every one. So I decided to not to tell anyone. But of course one way or another ones secrets are revealed and mine was. I was stupid and did a online survey that could tell me who my “true love was.” So for fun I took it, big mistake. One kid in my grade read it and saw it had only boy names on it. So natrualy he told everyone. Now that everyone knew. I got bullied 24/7. I even tried to…kill my self once. This went on for the next two years until the last day of school in eight grade where I would graduate to high school. I decided to be proud of my self that night and stand up for my self. So the next day I went to graduation with a rainbow graduating cap. Every student had to give a speech, so when it was my turn I went all out no regrets. I first thanked my teachers, thanked the friends that didn’t abandon me, and at the end I said, “Oh, and those who were jerks to me *sticks up middle fingers* FUCK YOU!” For some reason evryone loved that so they stood up and clapped and didn’t think things could get much better, but it did. Now before I say this next part I would like to say yes this actually happened. I stepped off the podium only to have Balor run up and whisper in my ear, “kiss me.” I was shocked, Balor was gay! But I wasn’t arguing. So in front of at least 200 people I kissed Balor…and now tomorrow I’m marrying him and couldn’t be happier.

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