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Please share my story with everyone you know in hopes they find strength when they read it. KNOW that you are beautiful, ACT like you are beautiful, THINK that you are beautiful every single second , minute, day. When you doubt yourself you can’t do it YOU WILL SAY OUT LOUD YES I CAN! Even if you have to SCREAM about it. Do this everyday and beautiful things will start to happen internally in your mind… This is my humble testimonial to you………. TESTIMONIAL OF A MOMMY…. I have always been a very active woman until after I gave birth to my second baby. Exhaustion kicked in along with depression and panic attacks during the same time I was also running my business along with my husband. As a business entrepreneur I have always had the will and persistence of never giving up on to difficulties in life but my depression and panic attacks got a hold of my mind, body and spirit. I remember I used try to do simple things like driving and I couldn’t do it my eyes would get blurry, my heart rate would start to increase, I would start feeling dizzy and a feeling of terror would impregnate my whole being, I remember crying almost everyday for not being in control of myself. I went to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me doctor said it was exhaustion, lack of sleep, stress etc but I knew it was something more than that. For 3 years I’ve have been enslaved to a condition that doctors don’t know what it was and they call it different things stress, hormonal imbalance, depression etc… I sure did feel all of those things. I tried to do the best I could to stay happy and continued with my businesses dealings but sure enough it was extremely hard at the same time I had to take care of my babies and my husband. The doctor gave me a pill that made me sleep all day I took it for 2 days and got rid of it and at that point I had decided to live with my present issues at the time since doctors told me there is no cure. One day I got to meet my neighbor very sweet lady and we started conversing and to my surprise I found out she had the same thing with the exception she is been living with the same issues for 7 years doctors told her as well there is no cure is just a hormonal imbalance a lot of women get after having their second or third child. She also couldn’t drive or even go outside to the park. I started wishing and thinking I definitely didn’t want to no longer live with this feeling that if I take the kids to the park I would get a panic attach and my kids will be in jeopardy on the streets or forcing myself to be enthusiastic as suppose to feel naturally enthusiastic. My weight and figure wasn’t were I wanted it to be I felt ugly and fat, my skin was with pimples I was a total mess definitely not the Angie people used to know. Whoever saw me didn’t even thought I would be going through such difficulties I used to hide it pretty well at least I thought. One morning I close my eyes and started thinking how I used to feel before when I didn’t have this issues and for a sec the feeling came back that is all I needed for me to bring out the Inca warrior in me and I decided that I would completely change my life. I wanted to feel pretty again, I wanted to be full energy, enthusiastic, smiling, making jokes which I always do. I wanted to comeback and do what I am passionate about which is Dancing and Helping others, I wanted to be the best happy mommy any children could have , I wanted to be the best wife and have a solid relationship. I started researching and read of many women that get panic attacks along with depression after their second child I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew effective changes don’t happen over night so I started from my mind, I have learn once you have a healthy mind everything else follows. I have tried various products that didn’t work for me and found out things that did. I became an specialist in natural ways of Health, Beauty and fitness that truly works … I started to used products that I was able to buy at my favorite grocery store. I started exercising, eating well, drinking water, maintaining a healthy skin and hair and most importantly maintaining a healthy life overall. HAPPY Mommy = HAPPY household. I am here to show you all my tips and research when you are ready to transform your life and feel Great and bring out the old you. If you are a mommy that is going thru the same or similar situation I went thru don’t be embarrassed. I have come to find out many many women get depression after giving birth and they don’t feel their best overall and they hided it … I am writing my personal testimonial for all the women that are going thru the same thing and do not feel to speak out…. I am here to help you ! Follow me on Instagram and facebook@ Angie FIT MOMMY if you are still reading I want to wish you an amazing day full of positive vibes going your way smile if you haven’t done so yet today 🙂 coming soon join me for online ZUMBA classes from your own home. See you soon!

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