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My Asian parents are really strict

My Asian parents are really strict, they doesn’t let me do anything I like, I’ve only been to a few people’s house my entire 13 year of living and I can’t even go to a park right out side my house without a adult. I can’t go to birthday parties and can’t go to school by myself or with a friend. I’m not allowed to go to places with my friends on weekends and I’m not able to have a boyfriend until 22. All my parents want me to do is work and get straight A*s. I’m not allowed to cook or use the microwave until I’m older and going with friend’s parents some were is a no no, just today my mom cancel my plans of going to a friend’s birthday party just because she is afraid of me getting kidnap and lost and over react. My mom always say that when I’m older (by older she mean 18) I can go by myself where ever I want with out her worrying and bothering her (which is in 5 more years, 5!) and if I tell her that I can always go by myself so it wouldn’t bother, I know what I would get( a smack in the face ) .My dream life is to get a really good job and move away when I’m 18, get married when I’m ready and be a good mother. It’s been really nice to get this off my chest and thank you for reading I’m surprised you made it this long, I’m not the best person at grammar so please don’t judge.

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