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I am a Virgin and Pregnant

Hey everyone, i was a pregnant virgin..I lyk the fact that I can pour out my mind here..M not depressed, M not sad with my lyf just isn’t going the way I tot I would..and the first bad part was when I got pregnant a virgin..yh! I was a pregnant virgin..
So I was a virgin till 12th of August 2015..was 19 then..I met this guy I really liked, up until then, I had not made out with a guy before..the highest ave done was kiss, but cus I really liked this dude, and all, we made out, I was nervous at first but den I fell into the mood, d kiss, smooching and all, den it was lyk we wer having sex but wiv my panties on..he came on me, but we just laffed it off..and his sentence at least a virgin cant get pregnant..I was scared at first lyk wat if it was possible but den, it CNT be ryt..told a few friends and we concluded d same thing, its not possible..i googled it and saw DAT it was possible but rare,so I just prayed about it..about two weeks later I fell sick, started feeling somehow, went to the hospital cus I tot twas malaria, got tested, no malaria parasite, then I asked for a pregnancy test..and gbam, I was pregnant..I had already fought with d guy I made out with tho, I cried my heart out, cried for days, prayed for it to b a mistake, but it wasn’t I really was pregnant..I felt d whole world was against friend stood by me..I eventually had an abortion on the 12th of August..even d doctor was shocked..I cried weeks after, wouldn’t eat and nothing, but den I accepted my faith and moved on.#crying# felt good to write it down..fnkx

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