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I want to share my dad’s story

Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell the world my story over the past few months.

My dad was diagnosed with advanced multi-focal Glioblastoma stage 4 brain cancer, he was only 48. It all started when he started to have a limp in his right leg, which we thought was just neuropathy from past cancer treatment for stage 4 Lymphoma. Then he had his first foot seizure a few weeks later, and my mom knew something was not right. They went back to the Oncologist that my dad was seeing from his Lymphoma, and asked for an MRI scan, he refused. We thought the doctor was right, so we waited a few more weeks, then her had another seizure, and the Oncologist obliged to take an MRI. A few days later the doctors called us and told is to come to the ER immediately. When we got there they saw us straight away and sat us down in the doctors office, by this time my dad was using a cane. The doctors told us what he had, and this day changed our life forever. They told us he had 13 different tumors that were all inoperable. They started a aggressive regiment of Temodar and radiation therapy. When we got a scan 5 weeks later we found out that that the chemo and radiation did nothing, and the tumors had actually grown My dad was in a wheelchair by then as he had already had two falls. During that visit the doctors found deep vein thrombosis in his right leg and he was admitted to the hospital. They tried to put cages into stop a stroke, but they found out his veins were too big for them to fit. They were so odd that the head surgeon had the residents right a detailed paper on how they did the procedure. They had to put in cages because my dad had already had a brain hemorrhage from blood thinners. After the procedure the doctors came in and told us that we had to stop the radiation therapy because it was destroying my dads brain. We then started on Optune that seamed to be working for a month, and then my dad suddenly started to deteriorate. He dad a terrible headache, he said it felt like someone doing brain surgery without anesthesia. This was during my spring break and I was supposed to be having so much fun with him, but we kept arguing on simple things. On Friday we had the hospice people come to evaluate him, and they said he needed to go to the IPU. We cuddled for a bit before and he told me that we needed to have one last fun time together after he came back home; he knew it was the end. He was brought to hospice and I stayed with him all night. That day he fell into a coma, never to speak again. He stayed in a coma for a 7 days, and he died Friday the 8th of April 2016 at 1:38am in the morning. We never got to have that bit of last fun that he promised.

I’m his 14 year old son Justin Adams sharing my dad’s stories.

I love you daddy

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