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My bruther distroyd my life by stealing tur …

My brother destroyed my life by stealing my trust my home and my life. It started when he was living in a hostel and we had recently moved but we still had our old houses. I got in touch with him i missed him so much and i thought he missed me to he told me that if i got my dad to let him live in our old house he would see me more so desperate to see him again. I did as i was told everyone else is saying that he would mess it up. He promised me that he would be good so my dad went with me and let him stay, but 2 weeks after i hadn’t heard from him he wasn’t piking up his phone. So we went to see if he was ok. When we got there the whole house was a wrecked. It was like he had a crash party. It took me a day to tidy the living room and prove to my dad that it could be saved we changed the locks and went on our way. 2 weeks after that, we went back to find the locks broken and the same thing as before but with a twist this time. He used my bed room as a toilet when our toilet was fine, he said he didn’t know anything but he was the only one with keys so he did know. I don’t feel like i can trust many people. I never thought he would do that. He ruined my life and i will never forgive him.

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