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I am a daughter, he is a son

I am a daughter, he is a son – is the biggest problem of my life. The way my mother treats me and him is so different. But, what HURTS me most is getting blamed for something you can never ever think about. This just makes me wonder about what level of hatred she’s got about me in her mind. Why such difference? Please tell me……. I want to read her mind.
I don’t want to say this but she is insensitive. She often says false things that pains as if a knife stabbing my heart. And when I tell her after some days about how hurting, false and pointless her words were, she attacks me saying, “You take every single word so seriously. Are you mad? You have just taken a pledge to give me unnecessary tension”. But why does she have to say for those words. Of course, she says that because it was in her heart.
Actually, I guess I know why she backs him so much. It’s because of her typical Indian mindset that tells her that when she is going to get old, I will get married and go away, and her son who is going to take a 5 star care of her and is going to continue her name forward kind of stuff. I will prove her wrong. I am not saying that I don’t want my brother to be successful and loving with my mother. But, I will just make her realise one day how worthy daughters are.
I am not perfect. I did not come into this world knowing everything about what’s right or wrong. I try explaining her but every time I try, she shouts and force me to accept THAT I AM WRONG HERE AS ALWAYS! She doesn’t understand. She is wrong.

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