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Game of Love

My life story started off as a game. Yes, most people will say “this won’t last.”  Trust me, there’s more to it.  I’m a minor and our age gap is eight years. The first time we met it wasn’t pleasant, my lover mistook me for someone else.  Later on, I found out he was just joking around, but during the conversation with him I used a lot of harsh languages and behaved rudely.

After a few days we had a conversation with each other and became friends. He was in a relationship at that time, but it wasn’t really going well because his ex partner was always busy and never logs online. So, I was always there to talk to him and support him. Moving forward to the personal part, my lover is a really funny, bright, sarcastic and you could say a pervert in some sort ha ha. He was really popular with the females, but never actually took serious notice to any of them. One day he made a mistake of moving on to someone else. I can’t believe it, but he moved on at the moment his ex partner came back. He told me that they had a very devastating and emotional moment where tears were shed. The things that were running in his mind was regret and knowing that he really lost his beloved partner because he was pressured into moving on by someone else.  He made that mistake.  After a while later, he made the decision that things are not right and moved on (meaning he is now single).  Again, I was there to support him.  I have always been a very straight forward, stubborn, honest and hard to really have a conversation with, because of these traits he appreciated the flaws in me and we connected.

He proposed to me, but I rejected him unfortunately. I just didn’t feel the same at that time and I know it’s best not to accept and step forward since I know I’m not good enough for someone like him. A few months flew by and we finally got into an L.D.R (long distance relationship), it’s not just any normal relationship, we connect!  We call each other every day. Back then when we talk on media he was always willing to call but I’m very shy so I couldn’t say anything but “hi” and hang up, silly me.

Now, we are here still together for already a year and a half, still in a L.D.R and we are planning to see each other in a few years. He dropped out of college a year ago due to family problems. I’m always there to support him even more whenever he needs it, he is currently working and making a good amount to support his family. The good thing is he will be able to go back to college and get his degree in about a year ;).  Things are going incredibly well and I’m very grateful that I met him. To me there is no one else in this world that could be like him, I’m completely sure. He is my first ever love, he made me realize my capabilities and support me to rise up in a higher pedestal. Even though I’m young and not physically developed yet, I’m mentally ready for everything that is going to come our way. Remember everyone, not all relationship start off as flowers blooming in spring ;).  What is meant to be will last and what isn’t won’t, don’t expect or think ahead, work on and enjoy the present it’ll eventually lead you to where you both will happily belong 😉

My love story might sound like a normal and common love story but believe me, everything about it is unique and I’m very sure your love stories are your very own favorite too. This story I just shared to everyone is only a chapter in my life, I’m ready to turn the page anytime.


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