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My school love story halted on family bonds

I didn’t even notice him the first I joined my new school. As days passed I stared liking him. But just as a friend. Later we both became friends. The whole school stated thinking there was something going on between us. We just didn’t mind our friendship grew stronger. We sat besides each other. One day he came to see me and even write notes for me. Things stared to change. He confessed his love for me indirectly and directly many times. I was not able to decide if he was the one for me so nothing changed between us we were friends but he was still eyeing me. On the last day of the school he proposed but I had to reject it to save the trust of our families had on our friendship. He joined the same school that I joined but never spoke again here, but he still likes me. But don’t know what stops him from talking to me……

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