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There’s this guy in school I’ve developed feelings for

There’s this guy in school. We always talk to each other during Math class, since we are in the same group. (We all sit in our respective groups). At first I didn’t think much of him because he was very quiet and he seemed very cold and indifferent. We would never get along. However, one day I tried talking to him and I found out that he’s actually an interesting guy. He tries to be cool (and sometimes he succeeds) but he actually is kinda idiotic. He’s smart and composed but he only talks to people whom he’s comfortable with. I started developing feelings for him. I found myself staring at him more often. He would catch me staring sometimes, which makes me all flustered and embarrassed so I immediately look away. Lately I’ve been catching him staring at me too (at the corner of my eye). But he never approaches me or talks to me outside of Math class…He just stares. However, there once he said goodbye to my friends and I, which genuinely surprised me cause he never does that. Is he going to ask me out? Or am I just over thinking?

(Btw he’s 185cm and I’m 160cm… Our height difference kind of bothers me.)

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