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It all began this April when I first saw her

Hi! I wished to share my one-sided love story… So, that’s the reason you are reading me…. It all began this April when I first saw her… Initially I was a little shy in introducing myself but then after that we became friends… Really good friends. We would call daily and stay awake chatting till 3 am… soon I realized that it was not normal. She was not just a Friend but something more than that and I fell for her. She became my world… I would smile whenever I talked to her… and the best part was that she too was a little shy in front of me… And I thought that she loved me because no “just friends” talk late night and sometimes even the whole night …I knew that I was special to her… She was the first one to wish me HBD.. and I was over the moon… In dreams I said everything to her but in reality I never got the courage for I was too worried to get our friendship spoiled .But then one night as we were chatting ..I finally proposed her… at first she thought it was a joke but after that she was like “Awwww so cute ” Although I told her my feelings.. I never asked her feelings because I was afraid of the heartbreak… But she understood me… we came closer… very close… waking up all night if the other was unwell… Although we were not couples it was just me who… you know what I mean… Everything was perfect until one day… when she suddenly out of the blue said that she needed some space n at the wrong time I asked her feelings about me. I asked… do you love me? And she said “I never said I loved you” and I asked… is there any chance of us being together? And she replied… “I don’t know”… I understood It meant no… but still I hold on… after a week things were changed… she talked less… and I asked… what went wrong and she said that everything was wrong… and then I asked her what she wanted n she said that she wanted me out of her life… I was broken… still I kept quiet… and then I asked her whether she loved me the expected answer was… “No, I don’t n I never did”. Then I asked her if she would miss me if I left… and she said… No, Never…. I was heartbroken… And last thing I asked was if she really wanted to play with my feelings… And she said… “ya…” My world ended in just this single world… And then I went offline and cried as long as I could and the best part is that it all happened just 3 hrs back… but I really really love her… even if she broke my heart… And I know that she will never come… still I’ll wait till my last day… So this was my one-sided love story… and an advice for everyone reading this……. don’t get mentally attached to someone if they don’t feel the same for you. Because one sided expectations can mentally kill you…. thanks for reading it….

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