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I’ve been abused or raped in almost every relationship

Growing up I watched my mom get abused. For the longest of times, it was normal to me. She told me to go into my room every time it happened so I did. Until one time, she cried and it broke my heart. I’d never seen my mother cry a day in her life. So, I stood up to my stepfather and told me to stop. He threw me against the stairs. And I couldn’t even move. All I remember is waking up and feeling sore. It continued, the abuse. So, I finally forced my mom to call the police when I found out she was carrying my younger sister. She called and he got locked up. I thought it was the end. But for me it was just the beginning of a long line of toxic and abusive relationships. I’ve been abused or raped in almost every relationship ever except the one I’m in now.

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