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The Hot Teacher I Have A Crush On

My friend had a crush on a teacher in my junior year of high school she would always tell me to go with her and see him from the window but I never really cared. One day I went with her just to make her satisfied when I first saw him I hated him because all girls at the school had crush on him and I didn’t find him attractive at all so I didn’t really give the subject that much importance. My friend graduated that year since she was a senior but I was still a Junior. Now it’s my senior year on the first day I catch him looking at me on my way to school I knew from that first morning of the year that the year is going to be off already anyways I still hated him for no reason. I wanted to sign up for a college class that my school offered and I didn’t fit in any class because I couldn’t match the criteria due to my academic performance except for one class. The day after I went to assist that class and the teacher is him. How come from all 160 teachers in that school can be him. Anyways I tried to change that class but was too late. After that I started bumping in to him every now and then out of nowhere in school and out of school even on my way home at night early mornings I started seeing him regularly. The exciting part is when I started falling for him one night I was on my way back home from a party and I see him coming out from a building I assumed he lives there so I started passing by that building every single day for at least three months hoping he would come out so I could tell him how much I love him but that opportunity never seemed to get in my hands. College class was almost over for the semester I had a research paper to write for him I tried to give him signs so I wrote about synchronicity which is a concept about meaningful coincidences honestly, I didn’t give a damn about the subject I just wanted to reveal everything but unlucky me I just diminished my values. He said that I didn’t put effort in the paper and that he didn’t get what I was talking about and that I shouldn’t get personal. While I was the one confused because he’s the one who started flirting on a daily basis and now I’m stuck with my feelings for him and don’t know what to do my senior year is about to end I don’t think I’ll get over him easily.

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