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My Mum Got A Job With Google

One day, my family was just chilling. We were all just minding our own business, and my Dad bursts through the door saying, “WE’RE MOVING!” I stared at my father, thought he was joking, and asked where we were moving. I also asked why. He said that we are moving to San Jose, California, and we were moving because my mother got a job from Google. That’s right – Google. But the thing was, she was working for Google Fibre. I realized this was the end of my social life. By the way, I was 7 when this happened (second grade).
“Try not to tell your friends until the end of the year.” Daddy had said. Daddy wanted all of us to promise this, so we did. But how was I to hold the secret?
The next time I went to school (Superior Elementary School, CO) I immediately told one of my best friends, Miranda, and this was her response: “So?” I was disappointed, heart-broken, I was everything sad. Anyways, onto the California life (I can’t tell you everything – it would take about an hour to read if I put it in detail.). It was finally third grade, and I was nervous. Right when I saw the school, I wondered: Where is the second to sixth floor? There’s only one floor! This is nuts! Anyways, right when I met my class, I turned around, and there he was. A sort of cute / cool boy named Jared, and I stared at him. It was embarrassing…. Later in the year, we got each other’s numbers, and I still keep in touch with him today.

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