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Support the Fighters, Admire the Survivors, Honor the Taken

I know we have all lost someone close to us due to cancer or nearly lost someone. Have lost a few friends and family members. My nan is a survivor of breast cancer and she is a little ball of fire to this day. Want to be able to say the same about her son “my uncle” and keep him with us for many years to come. “SUPPORT THE FIGHTERS, ADMIRE THE SURVIVORS, HONOR THE TAKEN”


Close family member in need of cancer treatment. The money will be used to buy the treatment for him as it is expensive and he is out of work. money will also be used for funds for living as he hasn’t been able to work recently. only recently found out he has had it for over 2 years after having a fall at work. The surgeon doesn’t give him much time if nothing is done to help so trying anything to help this man a better quality of live and or, save him and keep him here with his family. Can’t stand by to see this brilliant man leave us. Donations towards helping cure or even give him a better and longer quality of life would be very much appreciated in this time of need. The whole family would be very grateful to have the help in trying to save this man’s life, so please anything can help. Starting point is 1000 but any help is much appreciated.

He doesn’t want much said because he doesn’t want everyone knowing but he is my Uncle and he would appreciate all the help we can get. Will do anything to get this man well again. He has given up smoking cigarettes after smoking for 50+ years and we are all really proud he has done so, and if everyone could please encourage him to eat properly it would mean a lot. Thank you all for your support. means the world to me and I know it means more to him. xoxoxox


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