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I Sexually Fondled My Sister While She Slept

I was about 13 years old and she was about 11 at the time. My family didn’t discuss sexual stuff so I had never experienced masturbation to cope with teenage hormones. My Sister and I slept in the same bedroom, in bunk beds – her on top bed and I on the bottom bed. One night I was especially horny and all I could think about was my sister’s pussy and it being so close to me. I listened carefully to her breathing and decided that I would play with my sister’s pussy while she slept

I got out of bed in the dark and slowly used my hand to make its way under the covers while my sister, who I’ll call Leigh, slept. I can still remember myself getting so sexually excited while I had my hands under the bed covers of Leigh. So, I ran my hands along her young body, parting her panties to the side as I did and running my fingers along her private regions. As I ran my hand up to her pussy mound, I could feel the soft downy early-adolescent hair that was now growing on her young pussy. I also felt the wetness of her pussy, which surprised me since she was asleep. I learned later that the sexual moistening is an involuntary reflex based on any type of stimulation or the vagina and not always a direct sexual response.

But after what seemed like hours but could only have been minutes of me using my hand and fingers to thoroughly explore my little sister’s pussy, I pulled it out from under the covers and licked my fingers and my hand. I licked all of my little sis’s sweet pussy juice off of my fingers and hand and it tasted better than the sweetest honey I have eaten!

I remember that I felt like a million dollars because I have just fucked my little sister with my hand and tasted her most private juices and she would never know anything about it!! But it was getting late and I certainly didn’t want Sis waking up or my parents waking up before I had “finished.” I had already done much more that I had thought I would get away with. I thought earlier that day that maybe I could get away with a few back hand brushed under my Sister’s covers but I NEVER thought I could get away with fondling her pussy as I had just done and even tasting her sweet pussy juices…

One final mean culpa, I decided that on that night, I needed so badly to touch my little sister’s asshole. And taste it. So, I reached my hand under her covers once again, slowly making my way up to the crease of her ass. Her 11-year-old ass was beyond belief!! I had admired my sister’s ass many times at the swimming pool and stared at her tight ass behind the secrecy of my sunglasses. In one particular instance, she had worn a new bikini that rode up on her body as she dived and swam. And her ass cheeks looking so very good that I could feel me cock throbbing I’m my trunks as I watched her. I remember thinking how bad I wanted to fuck her little ass at that time.

So, I decided that I wanted to touch my sister’s asshole. She was now lying on her side, facing away from me and towards the wall. (She was on her back when I fondled her pussy earlier). So, I slowly moved my hand under the covers and up to her ass. I slowly used my fingers to move her satin panties to the side. First thing I felt were her pussy lips as the 11-year-old closed in to merge with her asshole. She was still moist. I then slowly parted her skinny ass cheeks with my fingers until I felt her little tight button asshole with the end of my finger. I could barely contain my breathing at this point and my balls felt as though they would explode! I used my left index finger to rim around my sister’s asshole and just barely pushing it in some. I could feel how tight her ass was but it seemed like I could feel every bump and ridge in her ass hole. I wanted to taste my sister’s ass so bad that I couldn’t stand it. So, I ran my finger all around her ass crack and her ass hole. Then I slowly pulled my fingers out and put them into my mouth, tasting my sister’s pussy honey and tasting her little, petite ass hole. I have much more to share if anyone is interested in hearing about my Sis and Me…



  1. Wonderful wouldn’t you love to slip your penis inside her and knock her up ?

  2. I did the exact same things but with my penis, we shared a room and when she would fall asleep I would hug her to se if she responded, if she did I would just simply say goodnight. If she didn’t respond, I would get to business. I would rub my dick on her soft feet. After that I would lift up her shirt revealing her big boobs (I was 14 and she was 12 at that time, she had big boobs for her age) I would grope them with my hands and lick and rub her nipples. When I got really horny I would bull down her pants or shorts alongside with her panties and play with her pussy. If she was close enough to to the edge of the bed I would rub the tip of my dick on her pussy. If she was on her side, I would spread her butt cheeks and rub my dick on her asshole. One I applied lotion to the tip of my dick and I would put the tip in her asshole. Surprisingly she wouldn’t wake up, but one time she did but she was to tired to notice I had the tip of my dick in her ass so she fell right back asleep. I waited there for a bit with my tip in her ass and start up again. One I chummed in her ass, I didn’t know what to do so I tried to clean it to the best of my ability. Luckily when she woke up in the morning she has to take a shit, so if any was left in the she just shat it out and flushed the toilet. I remember one rubbing my dick on her feet so violently that I came on her feet she woke up and this time wasn’t too tired. She saw what I had done but all she did was smile. She took her foot and licked my cum off. She told me that it was all fine and that the wanted me to fuck her ass sometime. About 3 days later my parents went to a high school class gathering to see their classmates after 20 something years. They would be gone for 2 days because they had to go 6 hours away and decided to get a hotel there, so they told me and my sister to stay home and watch the house for 2 days. Later on that day I got out of the bathroom after taking a shit and I saw my sister on her bed in a doggy position spreading her as cheeks apart. I went to the bathroom, grabbed lotion, applied it to my rock hard dick and slowly inserted inside my sisters ass. When she moaned, it was the cutest thing I have ever heard. Later I came in her ass. I pulled my dick out to see my cum dripping out her asshole. She looked at me and said. Tomorrow.

  3. I liked your story where you were sohorny and tepted with lust that you finally gave in to your urges and ( fingered ) your seet little sister’s “?virgin” pre-teen pussy.
    The part were you also loved to see her cute little sexy ass ..that was good wanting to kiss her little tight butt is good.. but when slowly parted her skinny ass cheeks with my fingers until I felt her little tight button ..well that part was good …

    Also the part where …you could barely contain your breathing at this point and your balls felt as though they would explode!..that was great …and the use of your left index finger to rim around my sister’s butt and just barely pushing it in some. I could feel how tight her ass..the wanting to to taste my sister’s ass so bad that I couldn’t stand it. So, I ran my finger all around her ass crack . ..this also would good ..then I slowly pulled my fingers out and put them into my mouth, ( tasting my sister’s pussy honey ) and ( tasting her little, petite hole. )

    most of the story was good.

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  4. I used to hump my little sister between her legs and cum on her belly ,

  5. this is actually so gross but im kinda aroused like.. i humped my cousin once and i hump my cat sometimes lawl

  6. Some to my under fifteen sister and 12year old both play in my clock

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