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This is why I’m depressed

We just lost our son. I flew my son’s ashes to the State where his dad lives. I didn’t let him know, I just showed up. We are not in a relationship. I’m married but I want to remain friends.

I was still grieving only been a month. He didn’t want to accept it and ordered me turn around and leave. He loves his son but he does not want to support me. It hurts so much. How can someone be that heartless?

We were never enemies. He wants to cut ties. THAT IS SO HURTFUL. The pain burns. I just can’t live with this pain. I lost everything. I CAN’T RECOVER from this pain. He just hates me. I have depression. None of them wanted to be around me when my son was alive. THAT’S WHY I’M DEPRESSED.

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