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Now I know I really like her

Hi. I have no idea why I’m doing this… Let’s just start it…

First, I want to say I’m a teen. So, I WAS really good friends with my crush. For years.

Then next year came and I just couldn’t go and talk to them as usual. We didn’t talk for the whole year…

We did smile at each other once in a while but nothing… Now. She is a shy girl but still… We talked all the time usually. Next year came… Which is this year… Haven’t talked at all to her. I keep looking at her but I can’t go up to her or say anything.

Now I know I really like her but… I just can’t. I also know that she keeps talking to my best friend. Well not really keeps but talks more often to him than me… Which I’m fine with since it’s my own fault I’m not talking to her or she isn’t talking to me… That’s enough… I’m just bored so I did this.


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