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I need love. I feel empty

I’m from India, 22 years old male and I completed B.A,B.ED. Now I’m working as a creative educator.

I have a wonderful family, very good friends. I think I’m living a normal and very beautiful life. But when it comes to chapter of love? & relationship, I got nothing. I feel empty.

I have no one to chat in WhatsApp & Facebook. I respect the girls & their feelings. Most of the girls I know are attached & attracted to Tall & fair boy’s. They friend & brother zoned me. I don’t want sex right now. All I need is someone to talk. Someone to share my feelings, someone to go out. Someone who needs me the way I need them… I know how good & bad I am. But when I got rejected again, and again, and again, it Sucks.

I know somewhere out there is a girl who respects boys for their heart & quality, not by their looks or colour. I hope I will find her Very soon. And she will write the chapter that empty for all those years?


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