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I don’t understand why my siblings don’t go out and work

Hi, just a short story to share.

So, I graduated from college a year ago. I found a job in a big corporation, but my annual salary is not that great due to me being a person with no experience in the industry. I only earn lower forties a year.

The thing is, if I only live by myself, then maybe it’s enough for me. However, I’m living with my family (parents & siblings). Including myself, this is a house with 5 people. Though I’m the youngest, I have nobody to depend on in the house. This is because none of them are working. As the only one financially supporting my family, I feel really stressful.

I don’t understand why my siblings don’t go out and work. They just stay home to sleep, eat, and play games all day.

My parents have never considered that it’s draining me a lot of energy to work and save up every penny I earn from my job. I can’t even save up ten dollars to even do things I want.

Who is here to help me? If this continues for another year, I bet I will need to go bankrupt. Or else, may miracle happen. . . I need a job with a higher pay. There’s no way I can survive with my current salary paying for all the bills, rent, and what not.

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