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I don’t value money, I value people

Sometimes I wonder if humanity was to sell, what would be its cost? At times life upsets you that much that you lose yourself somewhere in that darkness. I have encountered many people in my short life. I don’t know about them but to be very honest, I’m one hundred percent sure that I’m a true friend. I care too much that they end up breaking me. But I always keep giving them chances.

The worst thing is losing people you know from your childhood, I mean your best friends. I don’t make many friends but if I make one, they are for life. For the first time I have witnessed something that made me think, are we really humans? Because I feel emotions and kindness defines humanity. A friend of mine chose money over me. He asked me for a compensation which I thought was help!

I don’t value money as it’s just a piece of paper and is a temporary thing. I value people. Oh, that’s not the end of the story, he abused me and blackmailed me just because of money and the worst part of the story is I thought he was my “best-friend”. I was still good to him and he thought I’m acting. Then he attacked my emotions and finally he knew my weak point (the fact that all my friends are gone). He broke my heart badly and left me with a thought of never making a friend.

I was like I never going to ask anyone for help. Human help but I can’t feel them around. It’s the worst phase of humanity where they people are left with no humanity, no emotions, no regret, no care, no love, no friendship and no relationship. Perhaps, they forget karma punishes them for their every bad deed. I still try to be the original me because I know I’m not self-obsessed because I can’t find happiness hurting others, it defines me.

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