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I ended our relationship because of my parents

I have been struggling to get away from his memories from last 7 months. But I guess I won’t be able to move on from him.

I ended our relationship because of my parents. They gave me the choice between him and them. I couldn’t see my mother in so much pain because of me. So, I chose my parents. It was tough. Really tough. Sometimes I regret my choice because I know I have given him the greatest pain of his life but when I see my mother I just think I did the right thing because I am the only one from whom she can expect happiness. She has faced lot of difficulties in her life and I cannot give her more problems.

I did not want to tell my parents about him at that time because I knew it was not the right time. But situations were not in favour of me. And not even in his. And that’s why we couldn’t win over destiny. I failed to make parents believe that he is the right choice and also, he failed to impress them.

Even after so long our bond has not broken. I know he still misses me every day and every night, but he thinks that I don’t even think about him. But the truth is there’s never a second in a day that I do not think about him. I love him very much, but I am helpless. I cannot go against my parents.

I remember each and every moment we shared in our relationship. I wish it is written in our fate to meet because that is the only thing I can rely on now. Or I wish somehow, I can make my parents agree to our relationship before it doesn’t get to late.

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