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But the question still exists

Story of a young girl once fallen for an elder boy. The boy betrayed her and the girl was then somewhat emotionally unstable .

The girl was not upset because of the betrayal but because of the sudden replacement. Everyday she used to cursed the boy but the boy was living his life all set and good.

Finally after some years the girl moved on. But the question still exists, does the thing Karma is real.

Do we get in return what we had done to others. Does god’s will punish that guy and if not then whose fault it is??

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  1. We all make mistakes, mistakes we can never take back. But, you are not a mistake, what he did to you was his fault. The guy should have never done so. He will get his karma, or maybe its you that has to wish the best for him and Yourself. So you both live happily. I knew i grew when i could sit in my ex’s kitchen with his girlfriend, now that is pregnant. I didn’t fight with them, it was laughs. It hurt though, it did. You;ll never get over that pain or maybe you will. Not as quick as you want, but if you pay no mind into thinking of him you’ll suddenly care less about him, and what he does in his life.

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