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But in high school I fuck bitches

When I was born, the high pussy’s took me to jail and they destroy my ass-hole. They put niggers inside my ear and then they fuck me in the nose because I was a beautiful kiddo.

But in high school I fuck bitches.

In the army I fuck bitches.

After the army I fuck bitches.

When I was 25 years old, I fuck my wife for the first time and I cum inside her pussy, because she was a beautiful kiddo.

Then I meet her dad and her dad was one on the high pussy’s that destroy my ass hole so in the middle of the night I put my dick out I push it to this niggro eye and he cry to his mama after 2 min. He died because my dick is too big for him then my wife cry and after 2 min she died because I fuck her inside her mom pussy.

Then I build my home inside her mom pussy and live there for 2 years. Then I came out to the open world.

Fuck bitches with 92 kids. One time I fucked a niggro women and she screamed, please, put your finger inside my nipple, but she didn’t have a hole there, so I push her mom nigger inside her pussy.

Then I come back to my childhood and fuck a lot of bitches until my dick can’t stand it anymore.

So, what we learn from my story?

That I fuck a lot of bitches and is not bad.

In the end of the day I am better than this high pussy’s Klan.

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