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I’ve been living in Italy for 3 years

I’ve been living in Italy for 3 years now and I will have to go back to Lithuania. One problem…

I’m stupid. I do admit I can’t get a couple of questions normally answered that I should be able to answer easily. If I go back being stupid, I will be embarrassed. I do not want to go back like that. Please help me, give me some tips, because I can’t f****g live like this. I have 4 months before my department to Lithuania. I have friends, that understand me, they know me. But there, I am a new kid.

I really can’t do much right, because either I get distracted by nearly everything, or it’s just part of me. I really understand how people feel about being stupid and I have been there.

I even wanted to commit suicide.

I think this is the biggest problem for me, because I have like 5-6 friends here and LOADS back in Lithuania. I get bullied, laughed at, I get poor grades during tests (E-C). I felt like I need to commit suicide and accept my death. Luckily, I am here righting this.

I don’t know even know if this is normal or not. And I am serious with everything here I said.

If you think you’re that kind of guy, who looks for something to do on the web, I beg you to come and help. (Note: I am Christian, and I hate Jesus).

Thank you to those who desire to help me out.

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