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My story getting pregnant

I want to share my story. I recently got married to the man of my dreams and had a dream wedding.

The next stage for us was to try for a baby. We tried and got pregnant luckily very quickly. After several tests and scans we found out that the baby was not viable and would have resulted in a still born.

We had to go through a very painful time to terminate the baby at 16 weeks. It was a very traumatic and distressing time for me and my husband. However, being the strong people that we are we were able to eventually come to terms with it again luckily were able to fall pregnant again very quickly.

We now have a beautiful daughter who is 18 months. However, we had a very strange, distressing experience for the first 13 months of her life. She would not sleep. Which of course is normal for all babies.

However, she never wanted to come into bed with me, she woke up every hour wired. If I left her to cry she would immediately do a poo so that I would have to change her. My heart used to race with anxiety and sleep deprivation. Something was wrong however could not understand what. I after all was a first-time parent.

At 11 months things got progressively worse after I had moved to a new house. She all of a sudden was crying all time at night in distress. It would take me hours to put her asleep and then she would wake after half an hour. This went on for months.

In the day she was very happy but at night she turned into a different baby. I left her to cry in the hope that we could teach her how to sleep and she all night would not lie down.

She ended up falling asleep sitting up and would need me to lay her down. It was almost like I had to be with her all the time. But I had to be awake. I was really struggling with the lack of sleep after a year of not sleeping one night.

My heart was racing and could not find a way out. I felt like I was having a breakdown. My eyes had been foggy for months, I had low energy levels which I had had for a very long time, and I also had high anxiety I thought as a result of no sleep.

We went to the doctors and health visitors many many times and they just fobbed me off saying that if it was anything it could be reflux and to take Gaviscon for infants. That did not work. We went to private doctors in the hope that they would take us more seriously. They didn’t help. I thought it was just my baby who was not good at sleeping.

The days and nights were just a blur and my husband and I were arguing as all I needed was help and my baby did not want to go to his dad at night. She only wanted me. I would have on average an odd hour of sleep here or there. We all know that is not healthy. I found myself strangely drinking milk in the day and found it so refreshing. I never liked milk before. I also found that I was not able to drive as when I did my eyes where a blur and did not feel in control of the car. Again, I thought this was down to sleep deprivation.

One day my friend came to visit me. She had driven far and asked if she could stay the night and drive back the next day. Of course, that was fine. The night proceeded in distress as it always had. My baby waking every hour and me having a meltdown as I was not able to put her back to sleep. It was terrible.

The next morning, she came into my bedroom and I broke down in tears with her asking her for help and proclaiming that I could not cope anymore. She went home worried and spoke to one of her friends who is also a healer. She came back to me and said something very bad was happening and there was an entity attached to me and my daughter. Of course, I had no idea what that meant. I was told that it could be cleared by distant healing. Brilliant I thought. I was open to anything. From here on my life changed forever.

The following day I woke up clear headed, alive, happy and my old self again. My daughter slept that following night. She came into my bed for the first time in 13 months. She was not pushing me away or distressed at night. My vision was clear, and I was able to drive again. It felt like I was receiving my daughter for the first time. The joy I felt was so magical. I also stopped drinking milk.

I later understood that what had happened to me for two years was the spirit of the first child that had attached to myself as a fragment and had come back to me to create revenge and to split me and my new daughter. It is absolutely absurd to think that this sort of thing happened. I am not a believer of things like this. But now I am. Both my daughter and myself are happy as can be but I feel very saddened to think that I was in a place of complete darkness and completely influenced by something I had no control over. I wanted to share this very strange but true story.

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